About Me

A little about me,


As you all know my name is John and I own www.namastegaysextoys.com.

I started this site for a very good reason, and probably not the reason you are thinking!

Although if you are thinking that I am cock mad, you are correct.


I am 52 years old, in quite good shape as I gym regularly and I like to eat healthy and look after myself.

I currently live in the South of Spain in the most beautiful area called Andalucia. The weather is hot as are the men. There is a huge amount history which always fascinates men.

 I love time on the beach and I really enjoying hiking in the vast mountains in the area. There is nothing better than a great jerk off session out in the sun.

I have been very lucky to have traveled a lot through my life. My career choice made it possible to travel and live all over the world. I absolutely love meeting and interacting with men from all walks of life.

For the past 20 years I was living in South Africa but decided 20 years is enough and I sought a new adventure, which is why I am now here in sunny Spain. And loving every minute of it.


I have been gay almost all my life, I had my first sexual experience with a man that raped me when I was 17 years old. It certainly didn’t put me off men and from that day…I have been actively gay.

I had a few girlfriends prior to that, but let’s face it, at that age you will put your cock in anything.

My gay life started in England at the time AIDS was starting to be known. It was a terrifying time. My sexual adventures from then were always filled with mixed emotions. Anywhere between absolute horniness and absolute fear of contracting AIDS. With no sign of any cure or vaccine, this fear stayed with me all my adult life. Sex was always a scary but fun thing to do. Always in the back of my mind was fear and the reluctance to try new things. My focus was always on being safe. Without realizing it, this was preventing me from doing so many things. Ones sexual identity is so very important.

Now that I am older, and times have changed. HIV is treatable and even preventable with the new medications now. I started taking Prep some years ago. How I stayed negative all these years is really a miracle. I was a real slut. I fucked anything I could.

With this new-found freedom, my sexuality awakened. IN A HUGE WAY. I could get fucked as much as I wanted. I could swallow as much cum as I liked and fuck as much hot ass as I could manage.

Surprisingly I still had plenty of sexual energy. Although the occasional Viagra helped.

I suddenly realized how important one’s sexual identity and the ability to express it, is. Holding it back for fear of disease and prejudice all these years really took a toll that I could not recognize because I knew nothing else. NOW I KNOW.

THIS IS WHY I STARTED MY STORE This is why I offer a complete personal service and welcome anyone to chat to me about anything. Because I want other men to realize how important this all is.


It’s a huge mind shift to truly understand something that you never knew at all. I want men to feel the way I do now. Words can not express the feeling of being able to express and explore my sexuality without fear. EVERY MAN DESERVES TO BE HIS TRUE SEXUAL SELF.

I find sex toys are a truly fantastic way to explore and experiment with one’s sexual pleasures. There are no limits other than your own imagination. You can explore on your own and with others too. There is just so much fun to choose from. You can try anything you like.

I found the more I played with my own cock and ass and nipples 😊 the more I was able to enjoy other men. I was now suddenly free to do everything I wanted.  And oh, how I love cum.

So that is why I started my store. I absolutely love talking to guys and helping them realize what I do now.


I was always extremely sexual and now more than ever I am expressing myself and doing exactly what I like…..and some things I am not so sure of….just in case I do like it.


Many of you have asked what I look like so I will add some pictures for you. And because I am also a bit of an exhibitionist.


My personal pics are all over my website. If you look, you will find them.


 If you have any questions or would just like to chat, please feel free to say via the many methods on offer throughout my site.